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Arun Kumar

Vanakam Nanba! I must say writing is a kind of my passion to be more than a profession. I love to write and aim to beat myself with each of my steps to wow ! I have extensive content marketing skills such as SEO, content creation, content writer, and content enhancement, using those skills to create, manage, implement and develop the brand's content strategy. With a successful record, I have written more than 200+ published articles. I believe! I have excellent content strategy skills and I have more than 1.7+ years of total experience! I strongly believe in hard work and honesty.

Space technology – Top 8 benefit

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The purpose of this study is to clarify and explain the current and potential benefits of space-based Technologies. Also to explain Capabilities for life on Earth from environmental, social, and economic perspectives. 1. Space-based communication services:  Space communication skills can…

How to get your kids to interested in school

Here is the problem. School is an aspect of life that requires discipline and more work, and kids must learn to value the value of doing well. Your kids should keep the importance of making themselves better. Motivation cannot be forced. If you try to force your kids to be motivated, it always makes things worse.

Best Programming Books for Kids in 2021

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Around the world, kids between the ages of five and six are learning to write their software code or learn to code, which is impressive. Some are self-taught, and some know it in computer science courses at school, but no…