Best careers as programmers in future

70% of programming jobs are outside of software development. There are careers such as Data Analyst, trainer, etc where coding is not the major skill.

In our world of technology coding skills are not limited to roles in computer technology. There is a lot of best career in coding skills.

70% of programming jobs are in industries outside of technology. Burning Glass has done some research in industries that require indexing, so we thought we’d share it. Read more about Most Effective Ways To Learn Code -Kids.

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Data Analysis:

  • Big data is changing the business world. It has changed expectations for roles such as business analysts, financial analysts, and data analysts. Data analyzers use computer programming to analyze data and solve business and financial problems. Common indexing tasks include determining how much money a company makes or how many specific items a particular store should have. Read more Data Science Coding.
  • In data analysis, they need coding skills such as data management, database, and business intelligence, data science. Read more about Data Science Trends.

Software application developer:

  • Software developers are responsible for using the code to create and improve applications for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Developers review, analyze, and modify programming systems, including encryption, testing, and debugging. Sometimes they may be involved in technical design, development, and integration of cross-functional, multi-site application systems.
  • In Software application developer they need coding skill like Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering. Read more about Best Programming Books For Kids In 2021.

Business Intelligence Analyst:

  • In the business intelligence analyst field, It behind the scenes of marketers that gathers all the cool and more knowledge of facts about the software products than the trending business, products, and everything to determine which software will help solve the business ventures. 
  • If you appreciate the basics of code but do not want to build a whole life around it, this may be a good programming job for you.
  • In Business intelligence analyst they need some coding skills such as SQL, Python, Excel, Tableau, R and some basic programming languages.

Network System Administrator:

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  • In-Network system administrators mainly maintain the computer environment on their networks and prevent disasters by backing up data.
  • In this field, you need to providing network security and also avoiding viruses are important tasks, ensuring that the codes are protecting and error-free both the hardware and the software of the computers.
  • In a Networking system administrator, they need some coding skills such as a bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer science, or a comparable area. 

Software Quality Assurance Engineer:

  • Software QA engineers document the flaws at the beginning of the software, design tests and scenarios, and create manuals for the new software. 
  • They also review software designs for functionality and potential issues.
  • In Software QA engineers need coding skills like Java, Python, C, C++, XML, and some strong working knowledge in Microsoft Windows and Linux. Read more Advantages Of Using Technology In The Learning System.

Art and Design:


  • Engineers, including mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and engineering technicians, use programming to design and test new products and to conduct research on how to solve practical technical problems.
  • In engineering, they need coding skills such as engineering design, computer-aided production, general programming languages.


  • The statistics careers field is using only the basic computer programming languages(Statistical software or math computing) to analyze the results of their particular experiments and also you can create a duplicate of our real-world events.
  • The specific roles include environmental scientists and medical researchers.
  • In Statistics, they encrypt capabilities such as statistical software and mathematical computing. Read more Web Development Is The New Attraction For Kids?

Information technology:

  • This field is not surprising in evaluating coding capabilities, but it may be surprising that it is so widespread beyond the field of technology.
  • Half of all programming openings are in other fields outside of finance, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology.
  • When comes to Computer programmers languages and Information technologies professionals write software code to help to build websites,  applications, build computer networks, drive a car, or treat doctors.
  • In information technology, they need coding skills such as general programming languages, database and business intelligence, web development, data science.

Video game developer:

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  • The video game developer tops our list for obvious reasons – it will be a very logical career path for our students as they learn how to code video games. Although technically anyone on the team creating a video game is referred to as a developer, the general understanding is that a game developer is a person who directly writes the code for the game.
  • In Video game developers need coding skills like Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering. Read more How To Make Your Kids’ Excel At Math Early.

Web developer:

  • Being a web developer means you create websites using HTML / HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and other pre-final frameworks
  • Not only should they have a good understanding of the code, but they should also be trained in design principles specifically related to the user experience.
  • Web developers need coding skills like Degree or Diploma in Digital / Graphic Design, UI / UX, or related field.

Computer Systems Engineer:

  • Computer software engineers are responsible for conceptualizing, designing, building, installing, maintaining, and repairing computer systems. Because of this, they must be fluent in industry-level programming languages and have skills in mathematics, programming, and software development.
  • In Computer system engineer they need coding skills like Degree in Engineering, Information Systems or Computer Science.

Database Administrator:

  • Database administrators work for the performance, integrity, and security of databases. 
  • They should design and build high-quality database systems based on the special role of each end-user and be responsible for its consistent maintenance. Familiarity with programming languages is essential in this role.
  • In Database administrator, they need coding skills like Degree in Computer Science or Engineering.

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