How to explain machine learning to kids?

Machine learning is a complex application of artificial intelligence (AI) that is designed for computers to learn independently from given data.

As we explore the programming world. Some serious technical terms may appear. But before your kid’s eyes glaze over. There are a few ways to explain the concepts of this new technology. So in a way that your kids can easily understand. Read more about Leadership For Kids All You Need To Know.

Machine learning is a complex application of artificial intelligence (AI) that is designed for computers to learn independently from given data and to make independent decisions based on this information. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? It is not only a field accessible to the intelligent technical mind but is also open to younger learners. 

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Here are the top 8 amazing ideas that you can explore to introduce ML(Machine Learning) to your lovable kids:

Like the School for Machine Learning Computers:

Think of machine learning as a school for computers where humans listen to teachers and computers listen carefully to students. The teacher shows you questions and answers while you are in class. And giving examples of things you need to learn. And training is right, isn’t it? To teach a computer to learn, programmers show examples and show the correct answers to questions. Those answers and questions are called datasets – to develop their knowledge. Read more about Java Coding For Kids.

Over time, the system faces many more questions and more answers but is not told what the correct answer is and must make a prediction based on what it has learned before comparing it with the correct answers in the database. Initially, system answers were randomly selected and often incorrect. But as time goes on, as the computer faces more and more questions and finds the right answers, it slowly learns to correct itself and make better future predictions.

Think of it as a multi-choice quiz in school. If you do not make any corrections your answers will be completely inconsistent and your teacher should keep reminding you that they are correct. If you have read a little, you are still not 100% sure if A, B, or C is correct, but you can make a reading guess based on your other knowledge (and vary depending on which characters came up most often in the quiz). In the end, you will be a straight student and your teacher will not have to guide you much.

Using social media:

When browsing on Instagram or Facebook, some posts will be displayed in a specific order. Machine learning selects the most interesting content for its users (and they are smart enough to scroll through the day). Read more about Start web development.

Searching for things on YouTube:

It’s so easy to end up in the YouTube rabbit hole – you’ve finished one video, another appears, and an hour later you can see the 10 secrets of the deep sea. How does the stage know what to suggest next? Machine learning.

Kids face machine learning in everyday life:

Wherever the computer is your answers are based on what your kids have done or will do – this is machine learning. It may seem brief, but your kids face it every day:

Playing Video Games:

When a bot responds to your kid’s character in a game, it is active machine learning. This makes the games very exciting and challenging.

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Machine learning builds a computer’s brain:

All these questions and answers form the neural network of a computer, which is like the neural network of the human brain! People make decisions based on experiences and information they have already learned and build neural pathways in their brains. likewise, the computer receives some data or information, feeds it through its neural network, and decides not to receive explicit data or information each time. Read more about Kids Coding Online.

kids can easily understand this if it is translated into human experiences in real life.

Let us look at some examples of human learning:

A kid’s favorite food is pizza, and every year they go to an Italian restaurant for their birthday. The big day is coming and their dad chooses a restaurant to celebrate. Knowing what he knows about his baby, he is not going to recommend a trip to China instead he will book a table at their favorite pizza place! Read more about Python For Kids.

Let’s see an amazing example for machine learning(ML):

Your kids scroll on Instagram and look at photos of delicious burritos. They feel dizzy, so they look for a nice cafe nearby. When the search engine(SE) receives this data/information, it learns that your kids are looking at these photos or videos and your kids decide to show them a nearby restaurant.

It is understandable to worry that a computer is monitoring our every move on multiple platforms. But it’s machine learning, it’s learning from you and recommending things based on what you know about yourself, which is inevitable in our technical life. And, to be honest, it’s very convenient! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, Thanks for reading this blog, thank you bye-bye!

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