Important Computer Programming Skills For Kids In The Millennium.

We here at Criss Cross Tamizh and everyone who is following the technological trends firmly believe that coding skills are much more important than what it is currently given credit for.

Especially as most of the devices are becoming heavily reliant on the software and the firmware rather than the old school hardware. Where the mechanical parts and the electrical circuitry themselves will do the calculative part without any help from a coding person or programming developer. We know that the coding industry and the high skilled programming jobs are what will be the most opportunistic and extremely competitive job environments.

However, learning the code has great benefits skills for kids due to the same nature, making it a great career choice for every kid. One main thing is no matter what you think or I think should be irrelevant, they should be the ones who ultimately decide what they should do as a career.

 The process of learning the code is not only just how to build applications & websites. It also includes creating real-life solutions and innovating. Whether students are planning to build a career in the programming field or learn it for fun and thrill. There are strong benefits from learning that will be helpful throughout their lives. For example, the new trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are turning some industries like transportation on its head.

Learning these skills, while it is not necessarily what people think. As when talking about it lot of them will be imagining building hi-fi space technology or hacking into high profile systems. But actually learning to code will play a big part in the life experience at least for the generation post-2010. They will be growing up and living in a future where machine codes will control the future and each should know how to interpret the working principle. Furthermore, coding can be taught to kids for these external benefits in the same way that physics or chemistry are taught to kids.

Critical thinking

  1. At its heart, the code is to solve a problem using any programming and nonprogramming tools at hand. 
  2. Different situations may require different tools for learning code for kids. But critical thinking skills can help to solve the problems effectively in any situation not only in their programming career but also in their life decisions too.
  3. Learning the code is one of the best ways to teach kids, as it involves practical thinking and less of theory. The most important aspect of this thinking skill is that will help them better nurture themselves into self-teaching which is obviously the best way to learn.
  4. At its core, critical thinking is the process of examining available information and making judgments based on what you make of it. 
  5. This is the most important step in the process of coding.
  6. Coding is to diagnose and also analyze problems in the data, come up with a possible solution and test them and examine the results to see if the corrections worked.
  7. In essence, a large part of coding is critical thinking, and these critical thinking skills gained by solving coding problems are one of the few transformative skills that coding can teach.
  8. They are the most important set of skills that can be a great help at every stage of life and can be found practicing coders themselves over and over again.


  1. Learning the code will give kids a great boost to their creative power. 
  2. When people think of creative activities, they often think of fine arts like painting or writing music. Occasionally, they may think of handicrafts as woodwork. But programming is also a part of creativity, more and more you code the more you become creative.
  3. The important thing is I have also realized that coding is an art when I started learning to code.
  4. The whole coding process is creative because the coding is after all nothing more than an idea in one’s head. 
  5. In our Criss Cross Tamizh courses, even beginner students are encouraged to combine their interests and their hobbies with projects they are working on, and honestly, it is the best way of learning to code. 
  6. The coding at each level is taking ideas and turning them into real ones that make an impact in the world in real ways. So as I said that the creative process is very important for anyone who is Coding whether it be kids or an experienced person.


  1. Perseverance is a skill that will be relevant for a lifetime. For example from finishing homework in school to dealing with complex projects at work to parenting. Kids who understand the value of perseverance are the most successful in many aspects of his/her life.
  2. This leads to our next benefit. Learning the code helps a lot to teach kids perseverance as you won’t get answer output magically as how they been portrayed in the movies. Coding and getting output is a never-ending tale of correcting past mistakes. And again finding the future ones.
  3. Perseverance with someone or something can be more difficult. But you know that’s a good thing! That level of difficulty is what allows young minds and kids to learn perseverance. Obviously, it will require external support as most of the tasks that kids do.
  4. Perseverance is the ability to move towards the end goal even with thousands of breaks and hurdles that they are see-through. Kids who are getting everything they want easily these days from the internet will learn some perseverance through coding.
  5. This can be very useful during the debugging process when a young coder is not sure which part of their code is misbehaving then the immediate solution is to debug the code.
  6. Adding code to find the problem area is often tedious. And also it can be very frustrating when your virtual programs crash. But the most thing is perseverance in the face of those difficulties that gives coders the ability to succeed. 

Clear communication:

  1. Since most of the encryption is done alone, it may come as a surprise that learning the code can provide a real boost to communication skills. But interestingly, coding skills help build communication skills in some ways.
  2. Firstly, it acts as an excellent exercise for clear communication. 
  3. Writing something a little farther away can make a big impact on how the code is executed. As it is difficult for computers to understand directions that do not interact in a particular way.
    Communicating with people is not that different. Specificity is often important to understand.
  4. Coders also learn how to break down complex ideas into smaller, easier-to-understand parts. 
  5. This is a necessary step when working with computers. But it is a surprisingly useful skill when interacting with others and can help coders to avoid all kinds of misunderstandings.

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