Introduction to C Programming – How to learn easily? and misconceptions.

This article contains several question answers which can help you to get an idea about programming with c programming language.

This article contains several question answers which can help you to get an idea about programming with c programming language. We will also see the common misconceptions and misinformed facts in programming. Additionally, you can learn about the easy ways to understand programming here.

What is Programming?

Programming is a set of codes that are used to solve several problems and how to perform a task. Programmers can use several programming languages and follow the correct syntax to write these instructions or codes.

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Why is programming needed?

The world is getting automated. Several machines which were manual a decade ago are controlled automatically. This change is only possible by using programming languages. Programming languages i.e python,  c, c++ are used to command the behavior of the automated machines. Meanwhile, programming is a step-by-step process. And this article contains some basic concepts that you need to know to initiate the learning. Also, you can learn about the new opportunities in Artificial Intelligence. That we here at Criss Cross Tamizh discussed and posted.

Can a computer understand a code??

No, a computer cannot understand the codes (or source code) that we write. Computer (or System) can only understand a set of numeric values also called Binary values. Binary values or noting but the 0s and 1s that we see anytime we load up a firmware. But by using a proper method the codes can be converted to an executable file and then can be utilized further by the system. There is no necessity to learn the whole procedure to understand coding.

What are High-level codes?

Programming languages can be classified into 2 types of codes

  • High-level code (Python, Java, C, C++, SQL) => for human use
  • Low-level code (Assembly Language, Machine Code) => for computers

The codes are written in various high-level languages. While the compiler helps convert these codes into low-level languages.

Following are a few more details that you need to know and are used frequently.

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The syntax is grammar for a program. We, humans, have languages that we speak and write to communicate with each other. And a speech with mistaken grammar sounds bizarre. Similar is the case of syntax, which includes several rules that a programmer needs to follow to write codes.


A compiler is computer software that converts codes (or programs) written in a programming language into machine codes, so that computer (or CPU) can use them.

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Data types

datatype defines what type of data the variable is going to contain. There are multiple types of variables

int = Integer (0-9)

char = Character (A – Z)

Boolean = (true or false)

Scanner and Printer

The scanner and printers are functions that are used to take inputs from the user and print output at the user screen. Different programming languages use different scanners and printer statements.


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