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Daily web development, web designing are heavily growing day by day. Evolution of techniques have made learning and experimentation even it is more exciting.

If you are a budding engineer in the IT or someone else with a new interest in web development and design then this post is for you. 

Web development has been an amazing and favorite subject for all kids and enthusiastic learners around the world. This is nothing new. Daily web development, web designing are heavily growing day by day. The more evolution of techniques have made learning and experimentation even it is more exciting. In this article, I’m writing everything you need to know. And everything you need to continue your journey in web development highly productive, and fun!

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Let’s think, about who can we easily create web applications and websites:

Learn the basic concepts of coding like objects, functions, loops, classes, etc. You can easily create a great web application like our Criss Cross Tamizh Website. Nothing is a luxury. If you want to spend a lot of your time with an index editor alternatively you can do other casual work. Coding is relatively easier during web design or web development than software designing. It still mostly requires a logical and then our focused mindset. Read more Important Computer Programming Skills For Kids.

Why it is in the growth stage?

Computer science and Information technology are classified into three business subdomains. Software engineering, networking, and web development. Students continue to be convinced that they are more significant than web development. I cannot be stress this is not enough, the web development and web designing are the 3rd wheel of IT sector and cannot be played down. I have personally seen people wandering in and out of work in software engineering. Web development is not just some limited to websites or companies, you can also build it easy way of browsers, e-commerce, games, plugins, and then the software. The scope of development is very comprehensive and it will take more than one article to describe it. 

Web Development You can get jobs at top reputable companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google or you can always work as a top freelancer. Early life may disappoint you, but as you grow older, your paycheck will increase. Read more 5 Reasons, Why Artificial Intelligence Is The New Hailstorm.

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If you want to become a good web developer, you have to work in a certain order so here below have listed some stage for you!

Stage 1 – (Hypertext Markup Language5)HTML5:

Although it may so simple, HTML5 is an extensive functional form of HTML4.

With HTML5, you can not only easily build a basic webpage framework, but also store variables on the page itself, create games, and you don’t have to trust Flash to run your videos and animations, and 4 months of in-depth study, creating a fully functional blog without even touching server page languages.

Stage 2 – CSS: 

Who adds color to the rainbow? CSS will make sure. With the use of CSS(Cascading Style Sheets), you can define your own website’s colorfully, designs, and fluidly. Like HTML, CSS has evolved into CSS3, which allows you to add changes to pages, scrolls, and hovers.

Using a few lines of CSS3 can make your site look sleek or sleek. Read more How To Motivate Kids To Learn To Be Better Online?

Stage 3 – HTML5 and then JavaScript:

Now, once you know what your site should look like, you can make these buttons useful for some tasks. 

I like it in any other web development or web designing programming language. With JavaScript programming language, real website development begins. 

You create variables, assign some values to them, and send them as arguments in some process to retrieve certain values or actions (eg: page loading, redirection).

JavaScript is easier to learn in the beginning stage, but in that, it is difficult to master, so I recommend you guys take the next step once you understand how loops, variables, and then works. Read more How To Get Your Kids To Interested In School.

Stage 5 – HTML5 & PHP:

Until now, HTML5 and PHP it was all about building/creating a website from the front end. It’s like that and it’s supposed to work, but the real work behind the scenes happens. 

PHP is a server-side language, and it handles all real work and relies entirely on your web connection (I would not recommend projects unless you work on localhost).

The first half of this learning process works before-end The second half requires more post-indexing.

Stage 6 – All of the above(HTML%5, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript) + MySQL: 

Easy to work with, difficult to maintain. If you are not organized and well planned, designing a database can be a real pain.

The reason I recommend PHP over any other server-scripting language is that PHP is better for beginners and if your basic old-school C ++ ideas are clear, PHP will be much easier than you might expect. 

MySQL provides a perfect framework for creating web pages with a combination of PHP (better than IIS) on the Apache server and if you want to practice on localhost, try the WAMP server. 

Here you can practice at a local host and then you can easily activate at a remote host. Read more Advantages Of Using Technology In The Learning System.

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Stage 7- Python, Ruby on Rails, Pearl, etc: 

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you may already know how a social networking site works and announcements and personal messages (chats) work. 

Without going to the next level, you can easily create e-commerce.

But one thing is that what if you want to create or build your websites like Microsoft, Flipkart, Google, Amazon, Facebook?

They are honestly more complex than CSS, PHP, HTML5, and then MySQL. There are other servers and client-side coding languages that can help you do the miracles you always wanted. Python is a very convenient, efficient, and cost-effective programming language today and the best thing about learning mountain snake is that it is very simple. 

However, Python is independent of PHP, but I recommend learning PHP first, as it will put you in a good mood and you will quickly learn mountain snake.

There are other code languages and structures you can work with, such as Ruby on Rails. But Python should be your first choice. 

Anyway, I hope you got an amazing idea about the web development learning procedures and their importance. Thanks for reading this blog. Thank you bye-bye!

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