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Every business needs something in to Web to survive in this modern world. So it is very lucrative and you should start teaching about it to kids early.

So how can kids learn web development early? Web development is very easy but every business needs something related to Web applications to survive in this modern world. So it is very lucrative and you should start teaching about it to kids early.

It depends on how interested your kids are and how serious about it. If your kids want to learn seriously, kids can easily become an expert in it. Designing websites that we use or view in our daily lives can be very difficult or difficult. 

Example: Google, Facebook, Amazon, and so on. Read more about Scratch Coding For Kids.

If you are reading this blog then, of course, your kids should become website developers if kids want to become a developer.

Wow! Website, design a website is true, a learning website is indeed the best place kids can be. kids don’t need to read a theoretical concept of something like that, just practice it first, which is exactly what we all do when we are educators. Your kids will learn the concept with full details about the effect of that learning. They have to find different kinds of things that have grown day by day, and when notice it, kids want to do itself, which emphasizes learning more day by day. Anyway, Kids will always be involved in the field of learning to code. Read more about Python For Kids.

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Let’s start to know what the simple steps are to learn web development for kids:

Step 1:

Firstly HTML, you’ve heard about this a lot of times. HTML is the language kids need to learn in their school life if I am not mistaken. Read more about STEM Education For Kids.

Yes, this is like what your kid learned a long time ago, but as time goes on, technologies will change. Nowadays as you grow, HTML has also grown, now called HTML5. What? Wondering what it is? 

Don’t be. I said that HTML also grew as we grew up more but the main difference between HTML is changing its name to HTML5.

In HTML5, your kids can not prepare the basic structure of the web page, but we have a lot of courses about web development in our Techokids So, firstly kids need to learn HTML for developing their kid’s web development knowledge. Read more about Data Science Trends.

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Step 2:

Then CSS, we live in a society where everyone wants to be attractive, and everyone does makeup to achieve this. Similarly, CSS does for HTML. CSS creates charm in HTML pages. With the help of CSS, you can make your webpage colorful and smooth. You can create animations by using CSS. You can add changes, change the scrolling events of your pages, mouse click events, and so on. But when HTML is converted to HTML5, CSS is changed to CSS3, so the conclusion is that secondly, your kids need to learn CSS for developing your kid’s web development knowledge. Read more about Data Science Coding.

Step 3:

Then JavaScript, once you have learned what your site looks like, your kids have designed the beauty of your page. Now, it lets you create some useful functions that your webpage elements do when you do button click events on your webpage, point over any text, play some animations on the page, and pause. JavaScript, you can do it easily. JavaScript is one of the best scripting languages for making a web page very smooth, flexible, no matter your kids can easily learn to code, and platform-independent no matter how easy your kids learn, it will be enough to do all your website tasks. Read more about Space Technology – Top 8 Benefits.

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Step 4:

Then Bootstrap, Remember the word Responsive? Well, let me explain to you what a responsive website is. Responsive websites are just websites that change the alignment of their elements, spaced according to the screen size of the device being browsed. This is a technology called Bootstrap, which makes it easy to design a responsive website. Bootstrap is an open-source front-end framework that works with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to design responsive websites for your laptops, tablets, and mobile devices so the conclusion is that your kids need to learn Bootstrap to learn web development. Read more about How To Help Disabled Children?

Step 5:

Then PHP, Now your kids need to learn what his/her website’s interface of users, webpage looks like and so on. How it works in terms of user functionality but only in the client machine. But nowadays there is a lot of work in the back of our web page called server. So, we need a server page scripting language called PHP to code on the server page. We also have many server page scripting languages like Asp.net, JSP, but PHP is easier than others. Read more about How To Improve Your Kid’s Concentration?

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Step 6:

Then MySQL, Now coming to databases, we have a lot of data to display on the webpage, but they simply cannot be stored on the web pages. A database management system (DBMS) is essential because it can manage data more efficiently and also it can allow users to multiple performing tasks very easily. A DBMS can also manage and organize a big (Largest) amount of Data within a particular software application. 

MY-SQL is one of the open-source database management available in the IT field. I recommend learning PHP instead of ASP and JSP because it provides an easy way to connect to the MY-SQL database if you have a basic understanding of C/C ++ programming languages. Your kids can practice the connection of PHP and MY-SQL on your local machine with the help of the tools discussed above. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this amazing blog, thanks for reading this blog, thank you bye-bye!

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